Renting and riding ATVs and quads in Vinnytsia

Quad bikes

Do you want to get an unforgettable experience and drive? Book a quad bike ride at the Sunday Village complex!

Декоративне зображення
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village


  • 1-8 persons
  • From 1 hour
  • from the age of 14
  • Relevant all year round
  • Does not depend on the weather

Quad bike rides will give not only vivid emotions and beautiful views of nature, but also great photos from the trip. ATVs can conquer slopes and steep roads. Gather friends and family, come to the reception house and go ahead for impressions!

ATV hire includes: equipment and protection, instruction, instructor support, self-driving Please note that the ATV is only available if you have a driver’s license. Children under the age of 18 can only ride with their parents, and it is possible to drive an ATV independently only after coming of age.

It is better to dress comfortably for a walk: pants or shorts and preferably closed shoes. Please note that you may get your clothes dirty while walking.  We recommend taking water with you.

Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village

ATV hire cost

Rental price per-hour


ATV CF Moto 4501500 UAH1700 UAH
ATV CF Moto 6251600 UAH1800 UAH

    10% discount for residents


Rental price for a day (10 a.m. – 8 p.m.)


ATV CF Moto 4508400 UAH9500 UAH
ATV CF Moto 6259000 UAH10000 UAH

    10% discount for residents

Safety and Booking

A quad bike ride should be ordered 2-3 hours before the desired trip time. In order to book a trip, please contact the Sunday Village administration that is located in the reception house or call the contact phone number listed on the website.

1. Rules

1.1. At the time of booking, the administration will ask you to deposit a guarantee amount of ХХХ UAH or an identity document (passport, passport for traveling abroad , driver’s license).

1.2.The ATV is available to the person who owns the driver’s license and bears further responsibility with the ATV and passengers, if there are any.

1.3.It is forbidden to start the engine independently, switch all-wheel drive, use a winch and change tire pressure. All these actions can be carried out only under the supervision of an instructor. The lever for switching driving modes (forward-backward) should be in the “P” mode – parking, the ATV stands still.

1.4.In case of damage to the equipment, the guarantee amount will not be refunded and will be used for repair or replacement of damaged equipment /ammunition. If you left documents and damaged equipment, they will be returned to you after paying the cost of damages.

1.5. While riding ATVs, helmets and protective equipment must not be taken off for your safety.

1.6.Listen carefully to the rules during the briefing and follow them. Remember that ATVs belong to extreme types of rest, so you are responsible for your safety.

2.1 Restrictions

2.1.Guests under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are not allowed to travel on quad bikes.

2.2.Children under the age of 18 cannot hire a quad bike on their own. From 14 to 18 years old, it is possible to ride only accompanied by parents and under their supervision.

2.3.Pregnant women and women with babies are not allowed to travel on quad bikes.

Phone number for booking

066 605 15 55

Questions and answers

  • Yes, ATVs can be ridden both in summer and in winter. ATVs are fit for traveling off-road and in dry weather. Only routes can change.

  • To make the trip safe and bring you only pleasure, you need to listen carefully to the instructions, follow the rules, do not exceed the speed limit, keep your distance and do not go to places where you are not sure that you can drive.

  • Maximum - two people. Nevertheless, it is more interesting to drive an ATV on your own.

  • Many of our guests do not have experience driving an ATV, which is why it is necessary to be instructed before the trip.

  • Yes, a driver's license is needed. If you don't have a driver's license, you can ride as a passenger. If a driver with a driver's license handed over the steering control to a person without a license, he is fully responsible for the life of this person and the serviceability of the equipment.

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