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Bicycles and scooters

The Sunday Village recreation complex is quite large, so we have created a network of paths inside which it is convenient to ride bicycles and scooters.

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Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village


  • Bicycles
  • Scooters
  • Helmets

The main principles of Sunday Village are rest and pleasant impressions! And if you want to visit all the corners of our recreation complex or take a ride in the woods outside Sunday Village, we recommend hiring a bicycle or scooter.

There is a wild animal nursery in the forest near Sunday Village – you will surely enjoy watching the roe deer and deer that live there and riding along the forest trails. However, be careful with animals: do not come close, do not try to feed, do not make noise and do not frighten forest dwellers.

Before going for a walk, dress comfortably, apply sunscreen, do not forget a hat, take your phone, water, snacks and a good mood with you!

Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village

Hire price

The hourly rental cost for bicycles


Adult bicycle70 UAH85 UAH
Children’s bicycle50 UAH60 UAH


The daily rental cost for bicycles (10 a.m. – 8 p.m.)


Adult bicycle350 UAH450 UAH
Children’s bicycle250 UAH350 UAH

Safety and Booking

The bike/scooter should be reserved in advance. In order to hire a bike/scooter, refer to the administrator of the Sunday Village in the reception house or call the contact phone number listed on the website.

1. Rules

1.1. At the time of booking, the administration will ask you to deposit a guarantee amount of ХХХ UAH or an identity document: passport, passport for traveling abroad , driver’s license.

1.2.In case of damage or loss of the bike/scooter, the guarantee amount will not be refunded and will be used to repair or replace damaged ammunition. If you left the documents and damaged or lost the bike/scooter, the documents will be returned to you after paying the cost of the breakdown or the cost of the bike/scooter.

1.3.For your safety, we recommend that you do not take off your helmets while riding.

2. Restrictions

2.1.Bike/scooter are not available for hire to guests under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

2.2.Children cannot hire a bike/scooter on their own. Children under 12 years old can only ride with their parents and under their supervision.

Phone number for booking

066 605 15 55

Questions and answers

  • Anywhere on the territory of the recreation complex or outside of it. The main thing is that you do not lose the landmarks to return back.

  • Yes, you are given a helmet along with a bicycle. We care about you, so we ask you not to take off your helmet during the trip

  • Yes, of course! You can come with your bikes.

  • You can only ride the scooter within the resort complex grounds. When exiting the premises, the scooter emits an audible warning signal and is automatically locked.

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