Fishing outside the city of Vinnytsia, fishing from boats


Fishing on the Pivdennyi Buh is a great way to relax, and for some, meditation. That is why we have created all conditions for fishing lovers.

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  • fishing from a pontoon
  • fishing from boats
  • fishing from the coast

The Pivdennyi Buh has always attracted fishermen, especially in STEPASHKY. It combines not only the wide flood of the river, but also the natural bends of the coastline, from which it is so convenient to fish.

Quite a lot of fish types live in the PIVDENNYI BUH The most common: crucian carp, European perch , bream, European roach, carp, red-eye , chub, loach, Northern pike In the middle part of the river you can meet zander, barbel and catfish.

We took care of the fishermen and built comfortable pontoons for fishing. Imagine how nice it will be to taste fresh fish soup from the morning catch!

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Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village

Terms and Conditions

1.1.You can use any pontoons for fishing for free, except for those located in the beach area.

1.2.If you plan to come to us with your boat, then the launching of boats takes place in the blue zone at the pier.

1.3.It is forbidden to go out on the pontoons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs — it can be dangerous for you.

Phone number for consultations

066 605 15 55

Questions and answers

  • No, we do not take payment from guests who live in cottages and want to go fishing in our recreation complex. If you plan to just come fishing to the complex "Sunday Village", purchase a ticket for a one-time visit to the recreation complex at the reception desk.

  • You can buy a fishing rod and other necessary things for fishing at the reception However, please note that we have a non-professional fishing shop, so if you are set on serious fishing, take your equipment with you.

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