Family recreation in nature, comfortable ecological cottages

Leisure areas

The Sunday Village complex is split into three parts: Blue, Green and Yellow zones. Each of the zones has its own features and advantages.

Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
  • Blue zone

    • 16 cottages
    • WI-Fi
    • Check-out desk
    • Pier
    • Store
    • SUP boards and boats rental
    • ATV sharing
    • Bike sharing
    • Pontoon for fishing

    The blue zone is large and luxurious like the Southern Bug in its spillage.

    In this area there is a central entrance to the territory of the leisure complex and a reception house for registration and settlement of guests. In the reception house you can also hire bicycles and ATVs, buy the necessary trinkets in the minimarket, order an extraordinary cleaning, drink coffee, get advice on any question about accommodation.

    There is a berth with a place for launching boats in the blue zone, so if you are traveling with your own vehicles on the water, the blue zone will be the best choice for accommodation.

    For those who want to book accommodation in the blue zone, we offer 16 cottages to choose from. If you are striving for maximum privacy, we recommend choosing cottages to the right of the reception – they are located at the greatest distance from others.

    Cottages on the main street and to the left of the reception are located closer to the center of the whole complex, from them it is closer to the beach and children’s playgrounds.

    For fishermen, we have equipped a convenient pontoon, where there is a possibility to fish comfortably.

    • 5 500₴/day
    Синя зона Sunday Village
    Синя зона Sunday Village
    Синя зона Sunday Village
  • Green zone

    • 13 cottages
    • WI-Fi
    • Sports ground
    • Rest area
    • Pontoon for fishing

    The green zone is cozy like a forest, where you want to walk, relax and breathe fresh air.

    For those who want to book accommodation in the green zone, we offer 13 cottages to choose from The green zone is located in the middle of the entire leisure complex, so if you want all Sunday Village locations to be nearby, choose cottages in this zone.

    Also in the green zone there is a sports ground and a recreation area in the forest near the river. This is an ideal place for those who want not only to relax, but also to do sports in nature.

    There is also a convenient pontoon for fishermen in the green zone.

    • 5 500₴/day
    Зелена зона Sunday Village
    Зелена зона Sunday Village
    Зелена зона Sunday Village
  • Yellow zone

    • 4 cottages
    • WI-Fi
    • Beach
    • Volleyball court
    • Children’s playgrounds
    • Event Hall

    The yellow zone is bright as the sun, of which there are a lot!

    For those who want to book accommodation in the yellow zone, there are 4 cottages to choose from. They are ideal for those who want to be near the beach and hire equipment for relaxing on the water.

    We also recommend booking cottages in this recreation zone if you plan to take advantage of the Event Hall facilities for holding or attending an event.

    In the yellow zone there is a large playground, a volleyball field and a pontoon.

    • 5 500₴/day
    Жовта зона Sunday Village
    Жовта зона Sunday Village
    Жовта зона Sunday Village
  • Cottages

    • 2 bedrooms
    • 2 restrooms
    • Kitchen
    • Living room
    • Terrace
    • Barbecue
    • Tableware
    • Fridge
    • Kitchen stove
    • Microwave oven
    • WI-Fi
    • TV
    • Air conditioners
    • Clothes dryer
    • Ironing board

    All Sunday Village cottages are two-storey, with a large terrace, two individual bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. It can comfortably accommodate 4 adults or a large family with children.

    On the second floor there are two double bedrooms and a bathroom with shower.

    On the ground floor there is a living room with a table, a TV and a sofa, which, if necessary, can be used as two additional beds. The open kitchen is fully equipped for cooking. Also on the ground floor there is a full bathroom with shower.

    All rooms are air-conditioned, so it will be comfortable here both in the heat and in the cold.

    Each cottage is equipped with a spacious terrace with a table, chairs and illuminated lanterns, so that you do not miss a single magical evening in the fresh air!

    For cooking on an open fire, a convenient barbecue is built near each cottage, and you can buy firewood at the reception.

    We have created an ideal place to relax in the middle of the forest, near the river and with all the facilities for your comfortable and active rest, and all you have to do is come and enjoy!

    • 5 500₴/day
    Котеджі Sunday Village
    Котеджі Sunday Village
    Котеджі Sunday Village


1. Booking and cancellation

1.1 Sunday Village cottages can be booked on the website by filling out the booking form, by phone and via e-mail specified on the Contacts page.

1.2 The booking request by phone or mail must contain the following information:
– Last name and first name of the guest
– Date and time of guest’s check-in and check-out
– The desired placement area
– Number of cottages
– Number of adults, number of children, their age
– Email, phone number for communication

1.3 The standard number of guests who can be accommodated in the 1st cottage is 4 people. If necessary, it is possible to accommodate an extra maximum of 2 people.

1.4 The Sunday Village administration confirms the booking to the Guest or refuses the booking within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the moment of obtaining the booking request.

1.5 In case of confirmation or refusal of the booking, Sunday Village sends the Guest a notification of confirmation or refusal of the booking via email or SMS.

1.6 Sunday Village confirms the Guest’s request for advance booking only if there are available cottages.

1.7 From the moment of confirmation by the Sunday Village complex of the booking application, the cottage is considered pre-booked.

1.8 A reservation is considered guaranteed if the User makes an advance payment in the amount of 100% of the daily payment for each cottage

1.9 The guaranteed reservation is reserved for the Guest until 12: 00 hours following the day of the Guest’s check-in.

1.10 Any other reservations are considered not guaranteed.

1.11 Cancellation of a guaranteed reservation or reduction of the number of Guests, full or partial refusal of services is accepted in writing by e-mail or phone numbers specified on the website.

1.12 In case of cancellation of the reservation no later than 10 days before the date of check-in (settlement), the advance payment in the amount of 100% of the amount made earlier is returned to the User. In case of cancellation of the reservation later than 10 days before the date of arrival, or in case of non-arrival of the User, Sunday Village charges a fine in the amount of the cost of a day of temporary accommodation for each cottage.

2. Check-in, check-out

2.1 Sunday Village is open 24/7.
Check-in time: from 15:00
Check-out time: until 12:00

2.2 Late check-out (after 12-00 to 18-00) or early check-in (before 15-00) can only take place with the approval of the Sunday Village administration and if there are available cottages and is paid additionally in the amount of 1000 uah.

2.3 If you check out after 18-00, you must pay the full room rate for one day.

2.4 Upon arrival, the guest provides an identity document (passport, driver’s license, foreign passport), fills in the registration card and pays the full cost of the stay.

2.5 Upon check-in, the guest is provided with electronic access control cards to the cottage, and parking spaces are provided.

2.6 Upon check-in, the guest confirms that in case of damage, improper condition or destruction of any property on the territory of the Sunday Village (breaking glasses, lamps, glass, damage of furniture, appliances, curtains, burning of sofas, soiling of towels to such a state that they cannot be washed, etc.) leisure complex, the guest will have to compensate for the damage caused by the value of the damaged property.

2.7 Upon check-out, the guest must hand over the key to the administrator at the reception. In case of loss of the room key, compensation is charged in the amount of the key card cost.

2.8 If it is necessary to extend the stay, the guest can contact the Sunday Village administration no later than 24 hours before the end of the stay and pay for the extension of the stay according to the invoices provided. The extension of the stay can be carried out only if the cottages are available.

2.9 Video surveillance is conducted on the territory of the leisure complex (with the exclusion of the inner rooms of the cottages).

3. Refusal to settle or termination of stay

3.1 If a guest repeatedly violates the Rules of accommodation, does not respond to the comments of the administration, which leads to losses or creates inconveniences for the accommodation of other Guests, the Sunday Village administration has the right to refuse to settle or terminate the accommodation of this Guest (to carry out eviction).

3.2 The settlement refuses to those Guests who are in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

4. On the territory of the Sunday Village leisure complex, it is prohibited:

4.1 To smoke cigarettes, electronic smoking devices and hookah inside cottages.

4.2 Keep animals, birds, reptiles, etc. in the cottage without the consent of the Sunday Village administration.

4.3 Leave strangers in the cottage, and also give them the keys.

4.4 Bring to the territory and store in cottages materials and objects dangerous to the life and health of other persons (flammable items, explosive, toxic, chemical and radioactive substances, weapons).

4.5 Rearrange and take out furniture without the consent of the administration of the leisure complex.

4.6 To show aggression or actions that threaten the safety of the health or property of others.

4.7 To cause damage to the property of the leisure complex.

4.8 Leave adult underage children unattended.

4.9 Independently eliminate problems that have arisen during the use of the electric grid, electrical equipment, water supply, sewerage, plumbing and other items that make up the equipment of the leisure complex.

4.10 To dump garbage in places that are not intended for this purpose.

4.11 Use pyrotechnics, Bengal lights, candles in cottages and on the territory of the leisure complex.

5. Children’s accommodation at the hotel

5.1 If no extra bed is provided, children under the age of 10 years stay free of charge.

5.2 The price for accommodation of children over 10 years old (at the time of check-in) is the same as the price for accommodation of an adult.

5.3 Parents are solely responsible for the behavior and safety of children living in the Sunday Village leisure Complex, both on land and in the water with or without swimming facilities.

6. Accommodation with animals

6.1 Pets (dogs and cats) are allowed in the Sunday Village leisure complex. The administration reserves the right to determine whether it is possible to accommodate a particular pet in a room or cottage.

6.2 Additional fee for pet accommodation is 500 UAH per pet (one-time) + 100 UAH per night (per pet).

6.3 When booking and checking in with pets, the guest is obliged to familiarize himself with these Rules and affix a signature confirming agreement with these Rules.

6.4 Guests arriving on vacation with pets must have an animal passport with a note about all vaccinations.

6.5 According to the legislative and regulatory documents of Ukraine, walking dogs of medium and large sizes is allowed only in muzzles.

6.6 Walking pets on lawns is strictly prohibited. Owners are obliged to clean up after the animal went to the toilet on the territory of the recreation complex. The guest must remove the excrement in a special package, which can be purchased at the reception and disposed of in the waste basket.

6.7 Guests who have arrived on vacation with pets, undertake not to allow their animals to mark green spaces on the territory, and also furniture, curtains, walls indoors and the like.

6.8 Feed pets exclusively from dishes intended for feeding animals. Feeding animals from dishes belonging to Sunday Village and designated for guests’ use is strictly prohibited.

6.9 It is not allowed to leave pets unattended by their owners.

6.10 It is prohibited to wash pets in shower cabins, use towels, sheets and other bedding for them, which are designated for use by Guests.

6.11 The Sunday Village administration reserves the right to terminate the agreement with Guests staying with pets:
– in case of violation of the Rules of living with animals
– in case of aggressive, inappropriate, noisy behavior of a pet

6.12 When staying with a pet, the guest is obliged, in case of damage, to compensate the damage in full in accordance with the approved price list.

Phone number for booking

066 605 15 55

Questions and answers

  • Yes! In the complex "Sunday Village" animals are very much loved and respected! But please, before booking, read the full rules of accommodation with animals on the territory of the recreation complex, which are posted above.
    Additional fee for pet accommodation is 500 UAH per pet (one-time) + 100 UAH per night (per pet).

  • "Sunday Village" is an innovative and technological recreation complex, which was created with maximum preservation of the environment. Therefore, the logical solution for us was the use of solar energy for ensuring the needs of the complex.

  • Yes, the territory of the complex is large. There is a place to walk, run and even ride a bike on special paths. But strangers cannot enter the territory, because the territory is fenced.

  • Parking spaces for 2 cars are arranged near the cottage. In case of more cars for one cottage, additional cars are placed in the parking lot near the reception house.

  • Yes, there is a network of roads and paths on the territory of the entire complex, along which it is convenient to move with a baby buggy.

  • Yes, of course! You can walk around the forestry in compliance with certain rules:

    1. Don't scare the animals - roe deer, deer and wild boar population live in the forest. So behave carefully, do not come close, do not try to touch the animal or feed it.
    2. If you see small boars, calmly move away from them as far as possible, do not try to stroke them — you can provoke their mother to attack.
    3. Do not light fires in the forest and do not litter.
    4. It is forbidden to switch on loud music, ride directly through the forest on motorcycles and ATVs, create excessive noise that can harm animals.
    5. It is forbidden to hunt, set traps, etc.

  • Of course! We guarantee an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection in each cottage with password access, as well as mobile communication. If you have problems with the mobile network at the entrance to Sunday Village, switch the network to Vodafone (Lifecell and Kyivstar may not work correctly).

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