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Volleyball is a great sport for a group of friends, and when the court is on the beach, it is also an option for active recreation! That’s why we built a volleyball court near the beach.

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Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village


  • Equipped volleyball court
  • Volleyball net
  • Balls

Any of our guests can use the volleyball field for free! Gather with friends and spend your vacation fun and active. If you don’t have a ball, it’s not a problem — refer to the Sunday Village staff and it will be given to you.

And if you are professionally engaged in volleyball and want to conduct a team training session during your stay at Sunday Village, please contact the administration of the complex so that we can coordinate and book a training time for you.

Gather your friends and come to the game!

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Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village


First of all, the rest should be pleasant and safe, which is why you need to follow certain rules of Sunday Village.

1.1. The volleyball court can be used on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are only available for teams planning to hold training sessions or competitions by prior agreement with the administration of the Sunday Village complex.

1.2.It is forbidden to be in a state of alcoholic and/or narcotic intoxication on the territory of the volleyball court.

1.3.It is forbidden to smoke, eat, litter, spoil equipment and coatings on the territory of the volleyball court.

1.4.It is forbidden to bring and walk animals on the territory of the volleyball court.

1.5.If you come with children, make sure that they can safely spend time and not disturb the players.

Phone number for consultations

066 605 15 55

Questions and answers

  • No, all residents can use it for FREE. So enjoy the game to the fullest!

  • Unfortunately, it is impossible. We strive to create equal conditions for all our customers so you can organize a game on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Not necessarily. You can rent balls and other equipment at the Reception building located in the Blue Zone.

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