Recreation center in nature in the forest near the river

About us

In the heart of the Podilskyi region on the banks of the Pivdennyi Buh, we have built innovative holiday houses “Sunday Village”.

Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village


In recent years, Ukraine has been going through many events that have a big impact on tourism. After the introduction of the visa-free regime, Ukrainians actively traveled abroad and, carried away by new impressions, began to forget a little how beautiful our land is.

We started the construction of Sunday Village even before the start of the full-scale invasion, precisely in order to show everyone how beautiful Ukraine is and that the Podilskyi region can give us a wonderful vacation in nature.

The war didn't make us stop. Therefore, as before, we are sure that Ukraine will become a beautiful and flourishing country where tourists will come. And even though these are difficult times, we are opening the doors of Sunday Village for everyone who wants to escape from problems for at least a few days, get a lungful of fresh air, be filled with the power of the Podillia land.
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village
Комплекс відпочинку Sunday Village


The Sunday Village complex is built according to the principles of environmental friendliness and the use of solar energy. That is why there are many solar panels on the territory that power all the cottages in Sunday Village.

We take care of nature, when planning the building, we saved every living tree, even if it was necessary to change the direction of the road, or to conduct utilities a little longer.

We are Ukrainians, here is our land, our rivers, forests and mountains. We want to enjoy them now and save them for our children and grandchildren.

Come to Sunday Village, and enjoy nature and comfort. Let's meet on the shore of the Pivdennyi Buh.

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